Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Mardi Gras aka FAT TUESDAY

It's Kanaval in Haiti! It amazes me that with all the political, social and economical issues going on in Haiti, everyone there always find a way to get together and celebrate..

In spite of the though times (recession and such), what (big or little) do you want to celebrate in your life? what do you want to show contentment for?

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dinedec said...

actually this song was the most appreciated in the carnival . they could not be seeing the first two days , first day because they were too late they close the carnival at 2am and the second day a girl fell from the truck and got killed. but the third day it was like a revelation . the champ de mars was like in transe .the people start singing ole ole ole ole ole ole ola in union . you know how it is ... even if you did not know the song you were just enchanted or envoutee. their is something about that group or maybe i was just so eager to just enjoy my favorite time in the world ... anyway the only sad part was that you girls were not their my two best friends in the world .... someday.... miss you Pat .... employment wise you will find your way ... I have faith... and you deserve the best . love you