Friday, February 6, 2009

School of Life.

I am trying to get my daughter (who turned five on january first) into elementary school, this is as confusing as it gets, nobody tells you what to do or where to go.. or maybe I am just so tuned out that I missed the signs. I have procrascinated enough on this though.
Growing up in Haiti private school is mostly all there is for those who can afford it (the blessing of living in Canada is that everyone has the chance to get an education if so they wish without forking up their whole life savings), I am not saying that the schooling system is better here nor there (God know I hated my catholic high school with a passion.. too strict for me) but at least there were not so may choices for my parents. Here there are too many choices.. private school, public school , special alternative school and even homeschooling.
One of my fears (I know can you say PARANOID!) is that I will choose the wrong kind of school for my daughter and screw her up for life. I know that the school does not raise the child.. I know that is our jobs as parents.. but kids spend so much time there, that choosing a school, a school that mirrors the values that I want to pass to my children is very important to me,or am I asking for too much?
Last night my husband and I attended a "meeting" in a nearby (near to our future new home) public alternative school. I was pretty pleased with what I saw in that school: parents are actually welcomed to help out in the learning of their child, of course there are teachers; but the parents have to come to the school for one hour every week to participate in their children's education.. and YES it's a public school.. All i Not lost!
Now let's just hope that there are enough spots available for all the parents that I met yesterday since it is a small school.


Ronnica said...

I don't really think you can screw up your daughter's life like that, so that can relieve some pressure.

I like the idea of that school that requires parents participation. It is the parents job to raise the child, like you said.

michelle said...

tough choices....I guess you have to follow your gut....
good luck


Milehimama said...

It took me a week to do all the running around to get my kids in school a couple of years ago. I'd get to one office and be told to return to the previous one... so frustrating!

Relax - it's kindergarten, and you can reevaluate at the end of the year or even midterm is it's really NOT working for you!

We evaluate our school situation every year and do what is best for our family and the kids for that time in our life. We've public schooled, private schooled, homeschooled, and sometimes a mix!