Friday, May 15, 2009

Lyrics from a song a like

This is from the song 'Usual suspects' from Rick Ross featuring Nas.. I love Nas, this verse is actually his part. Enjoy!

"And still my talent is yet to be challenged,
Had new jet with my own pilot,
No blastin off, but flexin, Dj Khaled,
My mom stressin college,
But my crude sense of logic, did a lude to my empty wallet,
Try spittiin on a green tinted accord,
Which could mean a sentence up north,
Where the homie was, but back then doe was like a hoard, it goldie love, it didnt exist,
And office foley cuffs, was after my wrists,
Was not beverly hills where we chilled,
Imagine this, the nas n rith,
Had to get from rags to rich,
I used to stand on rooftops, with 2 glocks,
Figurin, how do i turn my timbalands to clocks,
Now reptiles was left out about a watch,
What is you thinkin? Murk u, plus the muscle that u bringin is nothin to me,
If you thuggin, a fake and shaked on cuban,
Shout out my ricans,
Down with all of u gangstas, to the roughest jamiacans."

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Amy said...

Interesting song. Thanks for sharing it. Have a great weekend.