Saturday, June 20, 2009

Small Talk Six:6 things you think the father of your children deserve to have

Today I am chatting it up with the ladies.Here are 6 things I think that the father of my kids should have:

1. A really cool car: Right now he drives the junkidy junk car just so that the kids and I get to drive around and be comfortable in our nicer one.

2. More Sleep: I admit I am guilty of bringing the screaming baby around him in the wee hours in the morning when he is profoundly asleep and has just got home from work like 2 hours ago.

3. A great European vacation: well that is what he would LOVE.

4. More free time to have fun with the girls.

5. A vacation with jus the boys..yeah, yeah I know that is asking for it.

6. A big BBQ bash: He loves to have people over our house just having fun, eating and drinking..PARTY!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Sounds fun.

I wish money grew on trees so I could send my husband to Vegas with his friends for a long weekend.