Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bouncy Bouncy!

I am currently looking for some sort of bouncing device for my 6 month old, she seems to think that she can do everything that my 5 year old does. Now, I am constantly trying to catch her so that she does not get hurt from her escapades.
I call this the 'bouncy bouncy' stage, zazou can't stay still for one second especially when her older sister is skipping around. I am amazed at this though because Lala (my 5 year old) did not start this stage until she was around 8 months old.
I have a couple of bouncy thingies that I want to try out but I can only buy one, so maybe you guys could help me figure out which one to get and then I will tell you all about it.

There is this:

and this:

and then this:

Also I am always open for suggestions though; for my eldest daugther I had something that looked like this:

but it seems that the above is no longer on the market because of all the accidents that have occured with the babies in them; that is a bummer because I remember my little one loving it so much.

So there you go, which one do you like..


Joy said...

I would say anything you stick them in will be fine but my daughter loved her horsy. Her bouncy looked like a horse and had things she could fiddle with while jumping. So maybe go with one of the ones that has
"fiddling" stuff. Not just cute stuffed animals but things that can be moved and flicked around. Noise is good too if you can stand it.

Maki said...

My Soapy had the first one on the pic (baby einstein) - the version was three yeas ago, but she loved it.

The one my oldest Ju Ju loved was the one she can hop and hop as she sits on her boucy chair. I forget who makes it though.. It could be Grecco... Gosh, she loved it. They make noise and sounds and she bounced everytime she did something intriguing.. Oh she was cute:)

Good luck hunting! Let us know what you get..

LeNesha @ My Business Adventures said...

Wow...choices, choices, choices...Let me know which you end up going with. I'll take note for when I have more kiddos ;-)



Margaret said...

We have one like the first one in our nusery at church. All of the kids seem to love it.

Anti-Supermom said...

I think exersaucers are awesome - kids love them, they exercise their legs and you know the are in the same place you left them :)

Anonymous said...

I have the top Baby Einstein one. It is not really a bouncy seat at all...more like a play seat thing. It rotates around to all the different toys. My daughter really liked it.

Lalapoo said...

thank you for your comments everyone, I am going to go out today and buy one of those bouncy thingies.. I will keep you posted!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
The Exersaucer is my sons favorite!
He was a preemie and is still really small and still uses it!
So worth the money.

Anonymous said...

I like #3 if it's built well. Kids aren't as picky as we are though, are they? :) And they all actually do look fun but I love combining toys with bouncing.