Friday, March 6, 2009

I am a SWAN.

A couple of days ago I too a 'yoga personality test' (yall may or may not know that I am a born again yoga fanatic), I am still thinking about what the results showed:

you are the swan

you are a stable, steady and calm, and seek peace in your relationships and world.

when life is in balance - you are loving, forgiving, and devoted. by far, the most compassionate of the three.

when life is out of balance - you can be stagnate and lethargic, which can lead to weight gain. (so right!)

though you are drawn to a slow steady practice, which brings out the best in you - you may also want to try a more invigorating, heated practice to balance you, like bikram or power yoga. you should avoid a practice that is too sedate, opting for a more dynamic approach either in breath, asana, or preferably - both.

your challenge is to tap into a powerful energy moving the prana throughout the body. try starting each day with a series of 5 sun a and 5 sun b salutations, beginning and ending with bastrika or kalabati breath to build heat, cleanse and energize the digestive system.
avoid spicy foods like mexican or indian - and be sure to eat lighter breakfasts and dinners, saving big meals for lunch. try raw fruits and vegetables. drink hot water, with lemon juice and ginger in the morning.

I don't know about doing the series of 5 sun saluations a and be in the morning.. with baby Zazou my plans are not always the ones that come first..
If you want to take the quiz check it out here


Eco Yogini said...

Hey Lala!
Thanks for visiting my blog :)
It was my first experience at Moksha today... it was very detoxifying and the studio is BEAUTIFUL. Can't really afford their prices though to be a regular and not too sure if "hot yoga" is for me. :) I may try their karma class every other Friday, but I guess I'm still a fan of BreathingSpace :)

(ps- your blog looks fun! I have no idea how to do all the computer-y stuff- kudos!)


Maki said...

Awww you're a Swan!! Fantastic!

I would probably be....a...Old Stick who refuses to bend. LOL...

I need to get back to yoga again. I realize it's so good for your body, I don't know why I stopped.

Anti-Supermom said...

This is so interesting, I'm not big into yoga, but I love the rush you get from using your body in that fashion.

I wish I was a swan, I imagine I'd rate more like a turtle :)

Margaret said...

I love yoga. I don't get to do it very often though. Its kinda hard to do the it with a 1 and 4 year old hanging off of you.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I think I need to take the test. I love yoga but have not practiced in such a long time. I need to start again - adding it to my list.