Thursday, March 12, 2009

Missing the 'Babble Jabble'

This does not happen to me often but today I miss the 'babble jabble' of adulthood. I do like my leisury days with the bossy 5 month old and the Hanna Montana fanatic 5 year old; but I so miss the times when I would get up, get all dolled up in my suit to head to work and grab my fav' Tim Hortons coffee on the way.

I do like spending this time with my daughters; I realise this the more time passes, I sometimes feel that they grow up so fast, I yearn for those great feelings I got when baby would kick in the womb, I love it when we are all crunched up together in the bed watching our favorite disney princess movie (we are girly girls!)

I do love ALL of that but sometimes it gets lonely out here in mommyhood; sometimes a little adult conversion is more then welcomed over here.


growingupartists said...

That's why, if we could just put a little more heat under this Momversation, we could have our Tim Hortons coffee, our cuties at our feet, and all the bonding sessions we need.

You know how on "regular" message boards, they have Forums where you stop in and say what you're going to do that day, maybe what you're going to make for lunch or cook for dinner that night? I just got back from the drs office kind of sharing.

Would you be interested in that kind of closeness on that board, or is that kind of public sharing not your style? If you want, we could start it up. Even if it's just you and I for the first week, or two, if we're consistent, people will join in.

What do you think? I've no problem continuing to make a fool of myself alone, but I could really use a partner in crime.

MindyMom said...

When you miss the "Babble Jabble" get dressed up and the kids too and take them out! Go to a museum or something. You may get lucky and be able to intersct with other adults while you're at it! ;)

Joy said...

WOW! You hit the nail on the head for me. I've been fighting off this low rumble in my mind for a while now. I used to work in a VERY social environment and now that I'm a mom I find myself feeling so isolated and like I'm not living my "real" life. If it wasn't for the other mom's out there on-line I really don't know how I would have made it this long without running for the hills. Last night I had the chance to go mingle with some ladies at a jewelry party. I found myself getting all fu fu'ed up and I even put on perfume! My husband gave me a kiss goodbye and commented that he hoped I was planning on coming home since I was looking like I used to in my former life. He meant it to be a cute comment. He has no clue how close to home he came with it. Not that I wouldn't come back, seriously I love my family, but there are days I would just love to put it all on a shelf and live my "real" life again for a while.

I am Harriet said...

I'm stopping by via SITS to say hello.
Have a great week!

Future Mama said...

Wow... your post right here REALLY hit home. I appreciate your honesty so much! I wish more women would be honest like this in their quest to find balance!

If you're ever in Austin we can kick it! ;o)

Ronnica said...

I must admit, as much as I do want to be a SAHM some day, this is the part that scares me the most about it.

growingupartists said...

Be scared. Be very ascared. Don't you just love it when kids make their own language up?

Adorable! Long weekend here, let me tell you. No Momversation to drown my sorrows anymore.

Good riddance, right?