Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bla.. Bla...Blogging to myself

I have a confession, I started blogging to keep in touch, not necessarily with anybody else, but with myself; but now a whole 3 days later I do not know what to say... what to write.
This how it ends after one (SeXy) husband and two (CraZy) kids, I don't know where I went. What happened?
This is suppose to be my journey of rediscovery but BLANK! BLANK! BLANK!
I decided to ask my husband (THe SeXy oNe) what he thinks that I should write about, well let's just say that he was not any help. I then came to the realization that I have totally lost myself to Suburbia (mind you I live in the city...) but then something else came to mind... Oh I could write about this beautiful thing that Zazou (CraZy kid #2) did last night that was soooo WeIrD! OH NO!! I don't think that would count for the "me, myself and I" blog that I'm trying to write.. so much for that.
I guess that is what you get for being such an awsome mommy (so I say...)

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Ronnica said...

Welcome to SITS...and to blogging, it looks like. I hope you enjoy your time in the blogosphere and the SITStahood; I'm loving it! I must admit, I do blog a bit for myself as well. It helps me to grow and to document my growth.