Monday, December 29, 2008

Body Talk..

In order for this not to happen again.. and also because I have been so overly stressed out about caring for two innocent young beings (and all the laundry that comes with them) I have decided to do something about my stress, to work it out in some sort of way.
Ever since my baby's birth (3 months and 1 week ago) I have been one big giant ball of nervous stress and raging emotions: one minute I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, the next I am DREPRESSED (SADLY DEPRESSED), the next minute after that I think I can conquer the world; of course I have heard of post partum depression and even of women who are on some sort of happy high after the birth of a child but never have I heard of women being on an 24/7 emotional rollercoaster ride.
I decided to do something about this emotional mess so that I would not screw up those little people that I have brought forth into this world with my CraZYNeSs. I also wanted to feel like the sexy and beautiful woman that I was before, and this is not entirely in regards to my dress size.. thanks to Krista I have found my haven: YOGA. I know most people think that yoga if for the weak or maybe some kind of religion, but I desperatly needed to calm my mind down. I attended my first hot yoga class on christmas day (MerRY CHriStMAs to ME!) and all I can say for those of us who love sex and the tingling wholesome feeling of peace that you get afterwards, that is exactly the feeling that I had lying in savasana on my $2 rental mat.
After THAT class I was on a cloud for 2 days, of course I was aching from all those poses and contorsions that my novice body had to go through but none the less I am loving the cloud that I am on.

I will surely go back for some more Yogadic Ecstasy

Sigh.. Namnaste.


Glam said...

holy shiz... yoga makes you feel the same as sex afterwards?? sign me up!!

Krista said...

Wow! I am so happy you found bliss in yoga! That is great, and I totally agree on the whole sex thing. Yoga and sex are so connected.

Lalapoo said...

Thanks for the comments:
GLAM: you would probably like it with all the sweating that you usually do with your normal work out routines
Krista: thanks again..

growingupartists said...

It is a difficult adjustment those first few months (and the few months after) for EVERY are not alone. Glad to hear you're taking care of yourself though!