Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bye Bye Lumps..

They are officially gone! My lumps, my bazookas whatever you want to call them, have officially deflated. I have never been one to covet thy neighbors assets but lately I have realized that I am on the shorter end in some areas.

After having a baby (or babies in my case) most women usually think about how they are going to loose the weight and get back to their original goddess selves; that was also my case a couple of months ago. After baby #2, I was sure that things would never revert back body wise.. well, I was right; don't get me wrong I did loose the baby weight but I surely did not get my old body back.

I only had set myself up to loose some of the weight as I am not a fan of the size small (on me) and I really do like a litte junk in my trunk (the hubby likes that VERY much too) but for some reason all the exercises and yoga streches did nothing to revive the shriveled and flat lumps and chompas; but I am not one to despair nor give up 'I will get my lumps back!'.

At least one person is cute and chubby in this family


Marie-Ève said...

So cute! And girl, I hear ya...!

Amy said...

What a cute little face. I do not think we get our bodies back after we become a Mom. I am still working on things. By the time I get it all ready I will have another one. Oh well. Thanks for stopping by and following me.

Ronnica said...


Future Mama said...

Oh my, what a cutie pie!!