Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Pink and Posh Winner..

The Posh Place for Posh Moms

Have you ever visited a blog that is so cool that you wish that you actually knew the author? I have felt like this a couple of times; okay more than that since I love stalking other people's blogs as much as a love writing my own.

I stumbled upon Jeri's blog during the ultimate blog party 09; I checked her (well her site) out left a comment and vowed to come back for more, she has lots of giveaways and reviews going on which makes stalking her blog fun fun..Well I got an email from her recently.. I won a giveaway on her blog! YES my first winnings!

Right now, my blog crush of the moment has a couple of fun events going on:

Current Giveaways:
Coco Bonbons
Yoplait Yogurt

Upcoming Events:
The Summer of Pink

The summer of Pink unites Jeri with 2 other bloggers for a very exciting blog giveaway event scheduled for the whole summer of 2009. This event actually starts in may, so head on over there for exciting and fun stuff to win.. you might meet a couple of other bloggers on the way.


Pink & Posh said...

You are so sweet, Pat. Thanks for the mention! And don't forget to make your OWN entries for all the new giveaways! (especially the Summer of Pink!)

Debbie said...

I get blog crushes all the time! I so want to meet my blogging friends.