Thursday, April 30, 2009

Featuring Giftfully Simple.

Giftfully Simple

I do not remember exactly how I came in contact with Courtney, all I know is that I had a pressing question about well.. blogging issues and Courtney was very kind enough to help me with my dilema at the moment that I most needed help.

Courtney is a mom,a blogger,a social media addict,the founder of tweetplosion and the designer of the 'Original Changing Clutch™'. She is also the owner of the online boutique 'The Apple of my Eye' that carries the cutest kids items (trust me I know).

Right now,there are two HUGE giveaways going on Courtney's blog: first the 20th century Fox and Paper Shouts giveaway and the second is the 'See Kai Run' Giveaway. The 1st prize for the 20th century Fox is a DVD from the movie BRIDE WARS and gift certificate from, the grand prize is a trip to Cancun and there are also other prizes like movie paraphernalia!

There is too much to say about Courtney and all that she does so to get to know her head on over there and check out her blog; her giveaways. Hurry up though, the first giveaways ends on May 8.

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I'll go check it out!