Saturday, January 24, 2009

THe best of Me..

I have not been posting much of anything lately not because I have nothing to record on here my little bloggy diary, but because life has gotten the best of me lately.. Between the daycare drop offs and pick ups (for child #1), the school visits (for child #1), the vaccination appointments (for child #2),the sick baby (child #2), the dentist appointments (for child #1), the renovation of new house (YES we are moving to the suburbs, I am totally sad about it since I am and will always be a city girly but I am excited at the same time), between the yoga classes (yes something for me) and the going here and there and everywhere I have not had the time to think let alone post something on here.. but like I was reminding my bloggy friend Sarah 'if we did not have lives out of the blogosphere there would not be anything for us to blog about'.


M&K said...

Thank you for stopping by this morning! I see you live in Canada! My hubby and I were just there celebrating the new year with his family, it is a lovely country! I SO understand about life. Take it easy on yourself and glad to hear you are taking time out for yourself with yoga classes.

growingupartists said...

Lots of changes ahead, sounds exciting! Glad to share in your journey as you take that "something for me". We can all learn alot from each other!