Monday, January 19, 2009

Motherhood and Change.

I have changed.. after having my second child this summer, I have changed yet again. I am not talking about the rollercoater that you body goes through before and after the baby has arrived nor am I talking about the emotional challenges that comes with it. There is something about motherhood that changed me(it happened after my first child and it's happening again!).

I have never been the kind of person that desperately needs to climb up the corporate ladder (although I did study business in college); I am more of a working girl because I have to pay my bills kinda girl.
I can't help but think "is there more for ME". After becoming a mother to my first born, I had stoppped dreaming about visiting new and exotic countries or learning another language; but lately all of that changed.. maybe it's the fact that I celebrated my 31rst birthday this year, but something jolted this change in me, in the "life is short and you need to do something about it" kinda way .

Then I ask myself when you are a mother do your dreams still count? when do you have time (specially those single mommies out there) to follow your dreams, your path? where do you get the time in between diapers,schooling, work, cooking meals, house stuff, to actually do something.
I guess that is something I will have to figure out with time.


Ronnica said...

As someone who is single and childless, I certainly view this post in a different way. I SHOULD be taking advantage of the freedom that I have!

growingupartists said...

When you are a mother, you simply find more creative ways to fulfill your dreams. I love watching your journey!

Tammi said...

My goals/dreams are fairly small so it's easier for me to achieve them. Plus I have a very supportive husband.

My husband works evenings so I get a good chunk of time to myself between when my boys go to bed and when I feel like sleeping.

There are some things I have put on hold until my children (3 boys under 5 years old) are older and more independent. Life doesn't stop, just shifts. :)

Michele said...

Still trying to figure that one out myself. One thing, though, my free time is so appreciated now. So everything is sweeter! :-)

Thanks for visiting me on my big, bloggy day!

Maki said...

I think it's never too late to accomplish something that you dream of, even when you become a mother.

Being a mother to two little girls, I 100% understand what you're feeling. I often ask myself is there more in my life? I've always wanted to be a mother and that was my first priority. My mother was an interior designer, but stop what she was doing for me and my sister. But she never blamed us for sacrificing her dream - she alwasy tells us that raising and being a mother to us was the best accomplishment and gift in her life.

As I dedicate my life to my daughters, I refuse to look back and think, "OMG, I didn't do that," or "I couldn't do that becasue I was busy being a mother.." - As hectic it may will be, I am trying to fullfill my another dream to start my own business...

Good luck with your journey and I would love to see where the life takes you!!!

Rajani said...

hello from dubai-thank you for coming by and leaving your lovely comment! oh sure iknow where you're going there... i amin the same place but hopefully things will turn around sooner or later.

Sarah said...

Ditto the second poster, you just become more creative.

:) (Thanks for stopping by my blog)

Milehimama said...

I've never been a single mother (but FELT like one when husband worked out of state for a few months). But I think we all have those times.

Just because you can't do something NOW, in this season of life, doesn't mean you'll never do it!

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

I've tried coming up with creative ways (like blogging!) to take time for me, and the rest of my dreams I'm still planning for the future...hubs and I talk about when the kids will be old enough to participate in our dreams!