Thursday, January 8, 2009

Psycho Yoga

I have been doing this challenge called WOYOPRACMO since the first of january, the challenge is that I have to practice yoga for at least 10 minutes (hopefully more) during the whole month of januray, and report about it over at my WOYO page... but it has been very "challenging" with the baby:

This is what I posted today.. or is it yesterday since it's now 12:30AM:

"The baby thinks she has won today because I did not practice any yoga... well its 11:45 pm and she is finally asleep.. I think I am going to do some breathing exercises (breathing is good) and off to bed... I must be losing my mind for doing yoga at this time instead of going to sleep.. my husband thinks I have gone off the deep end!

Or maybe I am psycho because I'm talking yoga to a baby! "

I know it is going to get better the older she gets.. but I can't help but feel so overwhelmed and tired. Maybe I just need some sleep.

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Single Mom Seeking said...

Sleep darling!!

Sometimes, I just don't know how I got through those first two years... I think I was a bit psycho.

Drink lots of water and tea, talk to supportive adults...

And thank you for your comment today on my blog!