Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why don't they get it!

This is probably going to come out as a RANT (hey we get to do that sometimes).. why don't people who don't have children get it; I do not mean all of them.. I mean some of them specially the young ones, they just don't get it.
Why do they call and tell the mother of a newborn "well since you are not doing anything...." HELLO newborn over here, she is not ANYTHING. or why do they say "why are you so tired you are on mat leave?" what do you answer to that question? Why do they come over and ASK to hold the baby and get all grossed out when she burps?
I am not against all childless person out there, some of them are really good friends and they are good for babysitting when one wants to get out with the hubbie; but some of them ( I know the percentage of those is real real low.. but..)the ones who think that having a baby or a child is like sporting a new hip bag or a new cool pair of shoes they need to get it together, or at least PRETEND TO GET IT!

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growingupartists said...

Having been one who didn't get it myself, until I had kids...I apologize on everyone's self-centered behalf. Ahh, those were the days!